Luca Lusso (lussoluca)

Lead Developer for SparkFabrik. Luca Lusso is a Drupal developer with more than 15 years experience, he started with Drupal 5 and PHP 5 in an era where deployments with FTP were still a thing. Since then, he worked as a consultant and contributed to building some of the biggest Drupal websites in Italy.

Luca is also a teacher and he has taught Drupal to a lot of different teams, from universities to big system integrators. Luca is an open-source lover and Drupal contributor, he maintains some popular modules like WebProfiler and Monolog. He's also a speaker in conferences like DrupalCon Europe and Drupal Developer Days. Lately, he has shifted his interest towards front-end performances.

Luca holds a master's degree in Computer Science and he’s an Acquia and Symfony certified developer. He authored the book, Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development: Build fast, responsive Drupal Websites with custom theme design to deliver a rich user experience.


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