Michael Richardson (richo_au)

Managing Director at Ironstar. Empowering mission-critical Drupal websites with enterprise hosting.

I love helping customers deliver value to market sooner. I've been able to do this with some of Australia's largest organisations including Bunnings, Tourism Australia, and Optus.

- Highly experienced Internet engineer with 20 years architecting and scaling service provider networks across a range of disciplines (network, storage, database, Linux, Windows, virtualisation, cloud, and more)

- Wide range of experience managing multi-million dollar, absolutely mission critical platforms across Asia where every second of downtime has huge impact on the business and the brand.

- I work to increase revenue and find new growth opportunities in businesses by finding opportunities for IT to grow the business, not just meet SLAs.

- Security Focused. 10+ years securing highly sensitive yet highly exposed assets for major brands, medical records, and government departments in accordance with relevant legislation and standards (PCI DSS, ACSC ISM, etc).

- High-value account manager. 10 years selling and marketing enterprise infrastructure solutions to non-technical C-suite clients in demanding blue-chip organisations.

- Founder of high-growth BRW Fast Starter's recognised managed web hosting business.

- Leader of high-performance teams and passionate about helping to facilitate individual growth and lead team change and achievement

- Project and product management delivering successful infrastructure platform products and consulting to identify opportunities to expand existing and cultivate new revenue streams.


Ironstar offer more than premium web hosting solutions.They are your partner in delivering digital experiences.Provide the highest quality web hosting and security services for digital experiences built on the Drupal, Node.js and Laravel platforms.Partner with medium-to-large enterprise and government departments who seek reliability, capability and commitment to their products and services.

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