Michael Richardson Emerges as Victor in EOWG Board Elections


The much anticipated Event Organizers Working Group Elections 2024 has come to a glorious conclusion with Michael Richardson emerging victorious. Out of the 44 votes registered Richardson secured 66% of the votes and subsequently accepted the position for a two-year term on the EOWG Board. Meanwhile, Michael Miles will be encouraged to contribute as a member of the EOWG advisory board. He will have the opportunity to participate in initiatives and contribute to the discussions, ensuring that his wealth of organizational expertise and commitment to the Drupal community continues to be valued.

"I would just like to share how grateful I am for the opportunity, and also that Michael Miles accepted an offer to sit on the EOWG Advisory Board. Two Michaels are better than one!"

 - Michael Richardson shared with The DropTimes.

Following the EOWG Charter, the election procedures were initiated in December due to the conclusion of the term by Matthew Saunders. The Board extended their heartfelt gratitude towards Matthew for his invaluable guidance and dedication. The nominations were open for slightly over a month, and culminated in two noteworthy candidates: Michael Miles, organizer of the New England Drupal Camp and leader of the Boston Drupal Meetup group, and Michael Richardson, serving as the DrupalSouth Treasurer and Chair of the DrupalAsia Steering Committee.

After a month of nominations voting transpired from January 15-19 through a Google Form, accessible to individuals possessing a Drupal user ID. A detailed account of the EOWG Election with the comments of the candidates was previously published by The DropTimes, please have a look at it.

Richardson expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to share some of the experience he's gained in the past few years running community events. He also looks forward to supporting others around the world who want to grow their local groups and promote Drupal and all the awesome stuff that can be done with it. 

He was keen on sharing his aspirations for EOWG with us during the time of his candidacy and readers can find his full election nomination here.

"Drupal and all its users do a fantastic job organizing and participating in community events. If elected, I want to expand this support and offer more resources to non-English speaking communities and Drupal developers and users in emerging markets, especially across Asia.

I also want to continue to foster and support the exceptionally good work that all of the Drupal community has done to build a project and community that values diversity and inclusion so centrally."

Under renewed leadership, EOWG can look forward to more strategic developments, particularly in discussions beyond North America. The Drupal community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of these changes on the trajectory of the organization and its global outreach.

To get involved with the Event Organizers Working Group, join the #event-organizers channel in the Drupal Slack workspace, attend monthly open meetings, and engage in the Issue Queue.

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