Promet Source Drupal Training: Last Day to Avail Discount

03 December, 2021

Promet Source is offering a Cyber Monday Drupal Training sale, and today is the last day to avail the discount. There is a 20% discount on all January 2022 and February 2022 Drupal online classes with one hour of free follow-up consultation with the trainer. 

Drupal courses covering twelve topics are being offered, spread across January and February 2022. The topics include 'Introduction to Drupal 9', 'Layout and Theming,' 'Drupal Module Development,' 'Drupal 9 Front end Development', 'Drupal Site Building,' and 'Drupal 9 Developer Immersion'.

The Drupal 9 Developer Immersion course is a five-day hands-on course to help learn the essential principles of Drupal site development and prepare for the Drupal Developer Certification Exam. Drupal Site Building, Layout and Theming, and Drupal Module Development are 1-2 day topic-focused training courses, while Introduction to Drupal 9 is a one-day introductory overview course.

To avail of these offers, visit this site:

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