A New and Improved Mattermost Is Here

An introduction to mattermost v7.4
Mattermost version release announcement

Mattermost has released version v7.4 which is now available for download. This new release includes Calls, keyboard shortcuts, and multiple improvements to Boards, including minimum default board roles, guest account support, and multi-person properties.

Mattermost is an open-source platform for communication, collaboration, and orchestration of work across teams and tools. It is built specifically for software development and integrates deeply with a rich ecosystem of third-party developer tools. 

Mattermost gives companies complete control over their data; with self-hosted and private cloud deployment options and access to the source code, developers can contribute directly to a shared, flexible, and extensible platform built just for them.

Mattermost v7.4 was made available to users on October 14, 2022.

Let us look into the incremental changes brought in in this release. 

Receiving calls

The new release has implemented keyboard shortcuts to receive calls. These new shortcuts are designed to build muscle memory and save time, as they can access calls while the browser apps and desktops are in focus.

To see the supported keyboard shortcuts in-product, hit command+ / or control + / at any time.

New board roles

In v7.2, Boards rolled out a new role-based permissions system where users could be assigned the Admin or Editor role. In this release, Mattermost introduced two more roles that provide access control to the boards: Commenter and Viewer. While the commenter can add comments, the viewer can only view the board and its contents. With the addition of these new roles, the admins minimize the chances of someone making accidental changes with granular access controls on their board. 

You can easily assign new roles to the entire team or individual team members from the Share dialog on the board. Read more about the new board rules. There is also a minimum default board rules that restrict an admin from providing a lesser role to a team member than the team enjoys. 

Guest accounts 

Guest accounts are now supported in Mattermost Boards. You can share your boards with guests giving them similar access as other team members, but with a few restrictions. Learn more about guest accounts

Adding board members 

Adding board members via autocomplete is another feature that appeared in this release. On boards with team access, when @mentioning or selecting the person property dropdown, the autocomplete list also displays team members who are not on the board. 

Creating and channeling notifications for linked boards is yet another feature on the table. Board admins also have the additional ability to specify a user’s role when adding them to boards with team access, as well as boards with no team access.

Multi-person property

For tasks with multiple people responsible, you’re no longer limited to assigning only one person to a card. You can set multiple assignees or owners on a card with Mattermost’s new multi-person property

Source: Katie Wiersgalla/Mattermost Blog

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