The Final Slot of NEDCamp Is at 4.00 in the Afternoon, and Here Are those Sessions on November 19


The New England Drupal Camp 2022 will begin on November 19 with training sessions and continue to the next day for conference sessions. It is the 9th edition of the camp being held. 

We had published the schedule for both days until the session at 3.00. Check out our previous stories to find out more. The final slot for the conference day is between 4.00 pm and 4.45 pm. 

Rod Martin, Lead Trainer at OSTraining will deliver the session, 'The Ultimate Guide to the Media Manager in Drupal 9’. The session is for intermediate knowledge level and is scheduled at room Massachusetts. 

Dori Kelner, Principal of Insightful Culture will be speaking at room ‘Maine’ about ‘How to Lead a Human Workplace’. Audience with beginner knowledge level can attend. 

At room ‘New Hampshire,’ Shane Thomas, Project Manager at Gatsby will speak about ‘Gatsby: The reactive site generator (and a live demo tour of how we got here)’. Audience with Intermediate knowledge level can attend. 

John Richards, Developer Advocacy Manager at Pantheon will talk about ‘5 Risk Mitigation Tips for Deploying Drupal at Scale.’ The session is at room ‘Rhode Island’ and only attendees with Advanced knowledge level need to attend. 

You could find the training day sessions here. 

Also know conference day sessions at Slot 1 (9.00 to 9.45 am), Slot 2 (10.00 to 10.45 am), Slot 3 (11.00 - 11.45 am), keynote address (1.15 to 2.15 pm), and Slot 4 (3.00 to 3.45 pm). 

(Photo from NEDcamp 2014 published in Facebook page)

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