MidCamp 2024: Non-Technical Training Workshops

MidCamp 2024 is gearing up with a focus on non-technical training opportunities, attracting a diverse audience eager to enhance their skills in the tech realm. Attendees can delve into a unique workshop led by Nichole Addeo from Mythic Digital, titled "Tech Career Tune-Up: Navigating Your Path in Tech with Confidence and Clarity." This transformative session promises a blend of career introspection, exploration, and mental wellness tools tailored to address the distinct challenges prevalent in the tech industry. 

Additionally, Rod Martin of Promet Source offers "What am I Getting Myself Into? A Drupal Crash Course for Non-Developers," catering to newcomers keen to unravel Drupal's intricacies. Participants can expect to grasp essential manoeuvring concepts and effectively use a Drupal site, providing an insightful learning experience.

For those eyeing a valuable learning endeavour, seizing the opportunity to save $100 before the regular ticket pricing concludes on March 14 is paramount. With MidCamp 2024 scheduled from March 20-22, participants are encouraged to secure their spots swiftly. 

This event caters to technical experts and welcomes non-technical enthusiasts seeking knowledge in alternative pathways within the tech domain. With the promise of enriching workshops and a strong emphasis on skill refinement, MidCamp 2024 sets the stage for a rewarding learning journey in the vibrant tech landscape.  

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