Online SEO Strategy Training by Evolving Web


Evolving Web is conducting a two-day live training event for marketers, site builders, and content editors to learn the building blocks of a strong SEO strategy and how to implement that strategy into Drupal. The event is being held on November 15, 2022, at 5:30 EST to November 17, 2022, at 7:30 EST. The training language will be English, including exercise and additional resources.

The course will give a detailed overview of a well-optimized Drupal website to build an SEO strategy and grow qualified traffic. By adjusting Drupal configuration, optimizing the theme, taking advantage of existing modules, and using additional tools for testing and analysis, we can further improve SEO.

The objective of the training will revolve around these aspects:

  • How to do SEO assessments and set up analytical tools
  • SEO strategies to drive more organic results to your website
  • Tactics to avoid and prevent penalization from search engines
  • How to configure contributed Drupal modules to improve your SEO
  • Adapting your content strategy to your SEO needs


  • Doing a site analysis with tools like Screaming Frog
  • Practice planning and running keyword research
  • Integrate your website with Google Search Console
  • Overview of Google Search Console and key functions
  • Use reporting tools to show progress in implementing your SEO strategy
  • Use modules like Metatag and XML Sitemap so that your markup reflects your content
  • Setting up clean, meaningful URLs
  • Tools to assess and resolve SEO issues

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