DrupalCon Pittsburg Call for Sponsors Still Open

DrupalCon Pittsburgh call for sponsors for the July 2023 event is still open. Choose from their core sponsorship packages, or a standalone sponsorship package to best meet your organization’s goals. All core sponsors will get discounts on additional DrupalCon tickets, Drupal Jobs posts, and weighted contribution credits.

Why Sponsor DrupalCon?

  • Attract new talent & grow business
  • Show up as a key player in the Drupal Community
  • Learn how others are using Drupal 

    Core sponsorship packages and key benefits include: Presenting, Champion, Advocate, Exhibitor and Standalone Sponsorship. Click here for more about the benefits of being a sponsors 

    Interested in becoming a sponsor?

    Fill out the sponsorship form to reserve your sponsorship or email [email protected] for more information.

    For more information refer to the DrupalCon Website https://events.drupal.org/pittsburgh2023/sponsorship-opportunities

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