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The True Challenge in 2023 Is to Create Better, More Personalized Customer Experiences
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‘Many organizations are struggling to manage their user data, which creates an adverse effect on their efforts to maintain their online presence,’ remarks Dries Buytaert, founder and project lead of Drupal, in his article “Acquia retrospective 2022. He was reminiscing on his companies journey through the past year with the hope of building up the future technology. 

“For many organizations, the true challenge in 2023 is not redesigning or re-platforming their websites (using the latest JavaScript framework) or maintaining them. The more impactful business challenge is to create better, more personalized customer experiences. Organizations want to deliver highly relevant customer experiences on their websites and across other channels such as mobile, email, and social.”

writes Buytaert.

Digital content management tools often struggle when large/different datasets are supplied and forced to use them for the organization’s benefit. Many technologies are available for data management, but segregating them for effective use is also very important. Organizations with multiple websites are more vulnerable to this misbehavior of data management systems, which pulls back a well-placed brand backstage.

As per Buytaert, Drupal has done a great job in helping organizations to ‘integrate all of these systems and create a unified profile for each customer.’ See the below figures provided by the Lead of Drupal about how his company has helped assist organizations to grow response rates to direct mail efforts:

  • Sun & Ski Sports used Acquia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) to personalize digital channels and achieved a ‘1,500% increase in response rate for direct mail efforts, a 1,100% improvement in incremental net profit on direct mail pieces, a 200% increase in paid social clickthrough rates, and a 25% reduction in cost per click for paid social efforts.’
  • Autodesk used Acquia DAM to redesign its branding and released its digital assets to its 14,000 global employees, partners, and the public.

Apart from these significant contributions to the digital asset management arena, Acquia is now working on other areas like:

  • Development of component discovery and management tools to bundle components in pre-packaged business capabilities, CI/CD pipelines for continuous integration of components, and more.
  • Low-code / no-code tooling to speed up experience building. No-code tools also enable all business stakeholders to participate in experience creation and delivery.
  • Headless and hybrid content management so content can be delivered across many channels.
  • A unified data layer on which content personalization and journey orchestration tools operate.
  • Machine learning-based automation tools to tailor and orchestrate experiences to people’s preferences.
  • Services that streamline the management and sharing of content across an organization.
  • Services to manage a global portfolio of diverse sites and deliver experiences at scale.

With Drupal 10, digital asset management has become easier and more collective in data utilization, response rates, and brand management. In 2023, Drupal will hopefully bring more features that help organizations play with data/content storage more effectively.

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