Drupal for Advanced Blogging

Drupal offers several valuable features for blogging and keeping track of the content you have already posted. The multiple-layer caching system makes it a powerful platform for content management. Drupal also has many modules that help the user keep the site cleaner and better, and that too for free.

In March 2022, Drupal Evangelist with Acquia, Martin Anderson-Clutzpenned an article in opensource.com about the benefits of using Drupal for blogging. This 5-minute read has all the details one needs before considering where to park one's blog and which CMS to use. 

He lists the options he considered, including static site solutions like Gatsby and Jekyll and then using free hosting options from GitHub or GitLab. Then he goes on to say his rationale behind ending up with Drupal, amidst having pure SaaS solutions like Medium to host a blog. 

However, one of the things I enjoy about Drupal is how quickly I can create and adapt content structures and have the ability to draw on the considerable library of community-provided modules to extend its capabilities, all of which you can use for free.

Writes Martin.

He describes the features of Drupal, like the content type (a customizable template for structured storage) and its robust media handling capabilities that come out of the box. The article also talks about Views, a powerful visual query builder in Drupal. Coming to critical features, he especially highlights the BigPipe progressive rendering, allowing even complex pages to start rendering in the browser immediately. Accessibility is another crucial feature he points on. 

Martin has also handpicked a few community modules as his favourites. This part makes the argument soulful. He has also put a few lines to describe why he likes those modules in the first place.

The ones that he picked are Smart Date, Blazy, Pathauto, Metatag and Real-time SEO modules. It is a genuine evangelizing article in favour of Drupal for the blog; you should go through it if you missed it then. 

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