Using OneWeb Manage Websites from a Single Platform

OneWeb Drupal

Organizations with multiple websites often struggle to find a balance between different content and service offerings. In all areas of business, there may always lack of an efficient website governance structure . For example, a company having distinct websites for marketing, sales, and customer support is likely to experience delays in delivery or responses to enquiries. A solution for this issue is a one-stop multiple website management technology that can handle primary operations under one roof.

OneWeb by Altudo is an example of a Drupal-based system that can manage multisite company websites from a single platform. It offers a digital experience using Drupal DXP (Digital Experience Platform). It is web-optimized and has strong SEO support helping marketers to launch new websites, microsites, or page templates without dependency on developer operations. OneWeb also acts as a helping hand for IT guys with the power of Drupal DXP.

Aldo is a global digital marketing and technology consulting company with operations in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Dubai, and Brazil. They focus on creating 1:1 personalized, seamless experiences across channels and optimizing customer experience for improved business impact. They have completed over 2000+ projects for 45+ Fortune 500 companies across CPG, Legal, Manufacturing, Technology, Financial Services, and Insurance domains.


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