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Baptist Health Sciences University of Memphis, Tennessee, has been using Drupal to maintain its website and content. They have been a client of Redfin Solutions since 2012. The Redfins is a Drupal service provider headquartered in Portland, ME. The Baptist University’s website uses the full advantage of streamlined, flexible content authoring and its built-in accessibility features of Drupal.

Redfin primarily works on Drupal upgrades and site enhancements. Most recently, they have migrated the website to Drupal 9, using automated testing. They also help align the website's goal with strategic initiatives for increasing applications to specific academic programs. So far, with the help of Drupal's custom content management solutions, the university can provide engaging virtual experiences and mobile-friendly program pages for users.

The new layout allows users to scan all the programs at once, while also providing additional context through filter categories. Since implementing these changes, program pages have seen an average 7% increase in traffic from the academic landing page, with popular programs seeing increases over 90%.

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“The academic pages are performing well,”. “I’m excited about how we restructured our menus to become more user friendly. Above the fold, right when they come on to the page, students can quickly glance to see what they want to do next.”

Says Megan Bursi, Director of Marketing and Alumni at Baptist University

Drupal is increasingly becoming a popular CMS platform regardless of the nature of business. More case studies on Drupal projects can be read here.

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