LocalGov Drupal Is Now Open Digital Cooperative

Following the end of funding from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), LocalGov Drupal UK has been transformed itself as a Co-Op entity in order to find a new sustainable model. While keeping the LocalGov Drupal name for its product, this not-for-profit co-operative will operate as OCD focusing on the need to bring money in and maintaining the effort to provide what councils need without imposing heavy costs on them.

“One of the reasons we formed a co-op is that there are some things in LocalGov Drupal that councils just don’t have the time to do, because they are all running their own products and the pressure on them is growing.”

Said Will Callaghan, Interim Director of the Open Digital Cooperative

The articles of association for the new body will be based on the Co-operatives UK model rules, arranged to allow councils and suppliers to be members with voting rights while not requiring the organization to become a regulated company.

LocalGov Drupal has received around £1M from DLUHC over the past three years and now it has to find own ways to get funded. Will believes that the new structure is hopefully open up a route through which technology suppliers can sign up as members – so they can collaborate on integrating their products – based on a subscription fee.

So far 33 councils in the UK are using LocalGov Drupal platform for their websites. The eco-system of Drupal is rapidly spreading to more users and other councils are looking forward to take advantage of open source platforms to reduce cost and improve digital transformation experience. The Drupal Community is working hard to optimize their products with a view of attracting more public sector offices to use the platform and resources.

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