Drupal Contribution Weekend Around the World

27 January, 2023

The Drupal Global Contribution Weekend is here; with that, we are sure you won't want to miss out on any of the details. If you are not yet aware of where and when the events will occur, here is some basic information to keep in mind.

Global Contribution Weekend is a worldwide event everyone can participate in. Small local contribution events will be held annually on the last weekend of January. These events may be held in-person or online setting. 

This year Drupal User Groups in at least eight cities have announced their participation in the event. Most of the events are happening on the 28th. More people might join from other towns as well. The cities that have announced hosting this event are Vancouver, Lutsk, Berlin, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Ethiopia and Caceres.

Global Contribution Weekend Vancouver

Global contribution weekend Vancouver takes place from 27 January 2023, at 01:00 PST, to 28 January 2023, at 09:00 PST. The sponsor for the Global Contribution Weekend Vancouver is The University of British Columbia. If you want to join and contribute, refer to their website.

Global Contribution Weekend 2023 Berlin

Another Global contribution event will occur in Berlin, Germany, from 27 January 2023, 18:00 hrs CET, to 20 January 2023, 23:55 hrs CET [Central European Standard Time. (Europe/Berlin)]. The event will be at Society for the Development of Things, Osloer Strasse 17, 13359 Berlin. They are looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces in Berlin. Expect achievements at every skill level. It is an in-person event.

Global Contribution Weekend Lutsk

Supporting the initiative of Global Contribution Weekend 2023, Lutsk is hosting a 7th in-a-row Drupal Code Sprint in the Drupal capital of Ukraine. It is an in-person event.

Global Contribution Weekend Frankfurt

1xINTERNET is participating in Global Contribution Weekend from their office in Frankfurt, Germany, on 28 January 2023, from 10:00 am CET to midnight. It is an in-person event.

Global Contribution Weekend in Milan

SparkFabrik has opened its doors for Drupal Global Contribution Weekend in Milan, Italy, which will occur on Saturday, 28 January 2023, at its headquarters in Milan. This hybrid event spans eight hours from 09:30 am until 17:30 hrs CET.

Global Contribution Weekend Paris

Another global contribution event will occur in Paris, France, on 28 January 2023, from 11:00 to 19:00 CET. The organizers are taking advantage of the usual Drupal contribution weekend to offer the first face-to-face day ahead of DrupalCon Lille at Smile's super premises in Asnières! It is a hybrid event.

Global Contribution Weekend Ethiopia

The drupal contribution event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is part of Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2023. It is an online event that will take place via Google meet.

Global Contribution Weekend Caceres

Asociación Española De Drupal, the Spanish Drupal Association, is participating in the Global Contribution Weekend 2023. The event is on 28 January 2023 at 12:30 CET onwards and will be at Cáceres, Cáceres, Spain. It is another in-person event.

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