Improving Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Through Drupal Contributions

02 February, 2023

CivicActions, a Lafayette, CA based service provider is now deploying Drupal as a core tool in making the web more accessible, human-centered, and beneficial to users. In addition to solving problems for federal, state, and local government clients, CivicActioners are also active contributors to

In making these open-source contributions, Civic Action is making a collective effort to improve the web experience for everyone.

“We have gained a lot from the Drupal community who have solved a myriad of problems and progressed the technology. By contributing to the community, we can return the favor, we can also bring our expertise to the table to solve more problems and help progress the technology further.”

said Daniel Mundra, Associate Director of Drupal.

Learn more about Civic Action and their contributions to the society through Drupal.

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