Acquia To Host a Webinar on Customer Data Platform

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Acquia is hosting an exclusive webinar on March 16th, 2023 at 18:00 hrs UTC or 11:00 hrs Mountain Standard Time (North America). This 30-minute live tour will explore the power of Acquia CDP to improve customer engagement.

Attendees will get a comprehensive understanding of how to use customer data to improve marketing impact, better understand retention and loyalty patterns and optimize customer engagement. The Acquia CDP offers a new approach to customer data management. While marketers used to rely on tools like CRMs, DMPs and data lakes, these solutions often trap data in silos, making it difficult to get a holistic view of the customer. Acquia CDP is designed to break down those silos and provide a single source of truth.

At the Acquia webinar, attendees will get a hands-on experience with the Acquia CDP and have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from Acquia experts. 


  • Analyzing the true value of each customer
  • Cleansing and standardizing data across all sources
  • Segmenting customers intelligently
  • Automating engagement based on Machine Learning

Register now to save your spot and learn how to leverage the Acquia CDP to drive lifetime value.

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