NERD Summit 2023: Session Videos Published

NERD Summit Youtube

NERD Summit, Youtube

NERD Summit published session recordings of the 2023 summit freely on its YouTube Channel. A playlist containing 38 videos is available for public consumption. Though it shows 43 videos in total, five videos are not yet available for viewing.

They have also announced the dates for next year's Summit, which will occur from March 07, 2024, to March 09, 2024. The conference will be on Friday and Saturday, with sessions (talks, panels and discussions) and training on both days.

NERD Summit 2023 occurred on March 17, 18 & 19 at UMass Amherst. NERD Summit provides positive and supportive learning opportunities for people in New England who work or aspire to work in the web and associated technologies.

The NERD Summit 2023 was reported to be a great success, with 205 participants that attended, along with 53 presenters of sessions, training, and panels. This year NERD had 14 Sponsors and 3 Community Partners, namely Hack Diversity, Tech Foundry and The Droptimes.

The recent newsletter also announces that most of the #nerds23 sessions are now posted for your viewing enjoyment on YouTube.

The mission of NERD (New England Regional Developers) is to collaborate with the regional community to ensure that the annual Summit and events throughout the year offer everyone, regardless of background or finances, a diverse curriculum for relevant skill-building and valuable networking opportunities.

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