DrupalSouth Wellington 2023: Celebrating Expertise and Honoring Achievements

18 May, 2023

Photos sourced from Babilo Augustine

The bustling atmosphere of DrupalSouth in Wellington set the stage for a productive and eventful Day One, where talented team showcased their expertise and celebrated remarkable achievements.

Splash Awards Drupal South 2023
Splash Awards DrupalSouth Wellington 2023

The conference, known for its vibrant community and insightful presentations, kicked off with a series of engaging sessions that captivated attendees.

Splash Awards Drupal South 2023

One of the highlights of the day was the highly anticipated Splash Awards, which recognized and honored outstanding contributions to the Drupal ecosystem. Various organizations were lauded for their exceptional work across different categories. Their outstanding contribution is recognized  in various categories, including Design/UX, Education, Government, and Non-Profit.

Splash Awards Drupal South 2023
Splash Awards Drupal South 2023

In the New South Wales Government Category, NSW Digital Channels/Department of Customer Service/NSW Government secured a well-deserved position for their noteworthy accomplishments. Their innovative approaches and effective utilization of Drupal technologies showcased their commitment to enhancing digital experiences for citizens.

Salsa Digital emerged victorious in the Drupal community - open source design system and Drupal 10 theme category. The award recognized their dedication to creating cutting-edge design systems and themes that contribute to the broader Drupal community. Their outstanding contributions have undoubtedly raised the bar for visual aesthetics and user experience in Drupal projects.

Another notable winner was PreviousNext, who excelled in the National Mental Health Commission Category. Their exemplary work demonstrated the transformative power of Drupal in supporting mental health initiatives. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, they have made a significant impact in the healthcare sector and fostered positive change in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health issues.

Morpht, a prominent player in the Drupal community, secured recognition in the Redfern Legal Center Category. Their exceptional contributions showcased the versatility of Drupal in the legal field, empowering organizations to effectively address legal challenges and improve access to justice.

As the day unfolded, participants were inspired by the collective achievements and groundbreaking projects showcased at DrupalSouth Wellington. The event served as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and celebrating the vibrant Drupal community.

Splash Awards Drupal South 2023
Splash Awards Drupal South 2023

With Day One setting the bar high, attendees eagerly anticipate the upcoming sessions and the opportunity to delve further into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the Drupal ecosystem. As DrupalSouth Wellington continues, the community looks forward to more enlightening discussions and extraordinary achievements that will shape the future of Drupal development.

You can find the list of all winners and runner up at Drupal South Web Page

Major Thanks to Babilo Augustine for sending in DS Wellington 23 visual content

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