Introducing Site Studio: Empowering Non-Technical Users in Drupal

Oomph, a leading digital agency specializing in enterprise-scale organizations, has unveiled an exciting breakthrough for content owners seeking an efficient and user-friendly way to manage content-rich websites. With their partners at Acquia, Oomph introduces Site Studio, a powerful page-building tool designed to streamline content editing on Drupal websites, making it faster, cost-effective, and accessible even to non-technical users.

While popular consumer-level content platforms like Squarespace or Wix excel in offering quick web page assembly, enterprise-level platforms often prioritize content governance, stability, and security over ease of use. Acknowledging the challenges faced by content owners and developers in building new pages within Drupal, Oomph is enthusiastic about the possibilities that Site Studio brings to the table.

Site Studio, formerly known as Cohesion, is a robust low-code visual site builder specifically tailored for Drupal. By eliminating the need for PHP, HTML, or CSS coding, Site Studio empowers users to effortlessly create stunning, brand-compliant content through a simple and intuitive interface. Acting as a feature-rich alternative to Drupal's native design tool, Layout Builder, Site Studio revolutionizes the page-building experience.

Initially, site developers establish a solid foundation by constructing a component library and reusable templates integrated with brand-approved design elements. These elements encompass a wide range of components such as hero banners, article cards, photo grids, buttons, layouts, and more. Developers can opt to create custom components or modify existing ones from a comprehensive built-in UI kit.

The true power of Site Studio lies in its accessibility for non-technical users, including content editors and marketers. With a drag-and-drop visual page builder, accompanied by a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface and real-time previews, these users can create captivating content directly within the front end of the website. This user-friendly approach empowers individuals without coding expertise to contribute to the website's content creation process seamlessly.

Oomph highlights the benefits of Site Studio, which not only expedites content creation but also ensures compliance with brand guidelines and design consistency. By leveraging Site Studio's capabilities, organizations can enhance productivity, reduce development costs, and maintain brand integrity throughout their Drupal projects.

As Oomph continues to pave the way for digital innovation, their introduction of Site Studio showcases their commitment to simplifying content management and democratizing website creation in Drupal. By bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users, Site Studio empowers organizations across various industries, including healthcare, government, and higher education, to build captivating and engaging web pages without compromising on governance, stability, or security. Read the full blog post and gain comprehensive insights into Site Studio's features and benefits. 

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