Register for DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 for a Chance to Win Exclusive T-Shirt

25 May, 2023

DrupalCon, the leading conference for the Drupal community, has announced an enticing giveaway for attendees of DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023. By registering for the event and booking their stay at the prestigious Omni Hotel, participants will have the opportunity to win an exclusive DrupalCon t-shirt. The giveaway, which is already generating significant buzz among Drupal enthusiasts, is set to conclude on June 1, 2023.

To enter the giveaway, interested individuals can secure their spot at DrupalConPittsburgh 2023 by either booking directly through the Omni Hotel or by calling the toll-free number 1-800-843-OMNI. Once the registration and hotel bookings are confirmed, participants are required to take a screenshot of their registration and hotel confirmation and email it to [email protected]. Submissions must be received before the deadline of June 1, 2023, to be eligible for the giveaway.

The exclusive t-shirt, specifically designed for DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023, is expected to be a sought-after collector's item among Drupal enthusiasts. Its unique design embodies the spirit of the Drupal community and represents the innovative and collaborative nature of the open-source content management system.

DrupalConPittsburgh 2023, scheduled to take place from 5th June to 8th June 2023. promises an engaging and educational experience for all attendees. The conference will feature a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, allowing participants to enhance their Drupal knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world. DrupalCon conferences have always been known for their inclusive and supportive environment, fostering a strong sense of community and encouraging the sharing of ideas.

DrupalConPittsburgh 2023 attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to register for the conference and book their stay at the Omni Hotel to maximize their chances of winning the exclusive DrupalCon t-shirt.

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