Acquia Introduces AI-Driven Collaboration

25 May, 2023

Acquia, a major developer of digital experience platforms, has added a new feature to its Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to improve creative collaboration. The inclusion of an AI Assistant to the DAM platform is expected to completely transform how teams collaborate on creative projects. The assistant can make intelligent suggestions and recommendations using AI-powered algorithms, easing the cooperation process and enhancing overall productivity.

Acquia's DAM system's AI Assistant enables teams to easily find, organise, and share digital assets, expediting the creative workflow. The assistant may automatically classify assets, provide pertinent information, and even recommend specific assets based on the context of the project by employing AI capabilities. This intelligent automation is said to minimise the time and effort necessary for manual asset management, allowing creative teams to focus more on core activities and increase production. Acquia's DAM solution now includes AI technology, demonstrating the company's dedication to creating innovative solutions that improve collaboration and streamline creative processes in the digital environment.

News Source: Acquia DAM Drives Creative Collaboration with AI Assistant

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