Drupal Powers Victoria Police Station Locator

Melbourne Drupal Meetup July

The July edition of the Melbourne Drupal Meetup again brought together web development enthusiasts in an engaging online event. Among the highlights was a captivating presentation by Suchi Garg, spotlighting the creation of the innovative Victoria Police Station Locator. Salsa Digital, a key player in the digital transformation space, shared an insightful article summarizing the event and shedding light on the remarkable project.

This month's meetup focused on Suchi Garg's presentation, which began with exploring the original manual process for locating police stations—a process ripe for improvement. Suchi then delved into the fascinating new approach, a triumph of technology and collaboration.

The Victoria Police Station Locator project harnessed the power of Drupal to streamline the process. By utilizing station content available through the Victoria Police API, the team ingested the data into Drupal, paving the way for an efficient and user-friendly locator tool.

The enhanced locator not only allows users to search and filter police stations by suburb, distance, and speciality services but also offers the convenience of determining if the station operates 24 hours or not. The tool is seamlessly integrated with Google Maps and ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Suchi Garg's presentation resonated with the Drupal community, highlighting the platform's adaptability and versatility. The success of the Victoria Police Station Locator exemplifies how Drupal can power complex projects, making them accessible and practical for end-users.

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