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Panel discussion at DrupalCon Pittsburgh seek community leaders to share insights

DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 is set to feature an engaging session on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, titled "Panel: Empowering the Community to More Rapidly Execute Drupal's Strategic Goals." The panel, presented by industry experts Anoop John, Rachel Lawson, Adam Bergstein, and Tim Lehnen, aims to address opportunities for better enabling the Drupal community to achieve its full potential.

Drupal, the renowned open-source content management system (CMS), has been actively working towards increasing adoption and empowering its community. However, the panel will address whether there are untapped opportunities to enhance further the community's ability to execute Drupal's strategic goals effectively.

The discussion will revolve around the various challenges faced by the Drupal community. These challenges include Drupal's relatively small market share in the CMS industry, slower adoption rates of newer versions compared to previous ones, the dilemma of maintaining older versions while encouraging users to transition to newer ones, a gradual decline in the number of modules available for newer versions, a decrease in the influx of new developers, and limited growth in the number and scale of community events and local chapters.

This panel aims to facilitate an open dialogue, inviting the community to share their insights and ideas on overcoming these challenges.

The discussion will revolve around key questions, including how to expand the adoption of Drupal, how to identify and enable experts who can support the growing user base, strategies to drive more contributions back into the community, methods to enhance community organization, opportunities to learn from successful projects or communities, and ways to remove barriers and foster the participation of new contributors.

The facilitators will employ a "start, stop, continue" format, posing these questions to spark brainstorming sessions and gather valuable feedback from the community. The ultimate goal is to generate new community-led initiatives, leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of Drupal enthusiasts. Furthermore, the panel aims to recruit participants who are passionate about improving Drupal's community ecosystem and fostering growth.

The panel discussion holds numerous learning objectives, including highlighting the need for better community organization and exploring effective strategies for achieving this goal. Attendees will also gain insights into key areas where they can actively participate and make a difference. Additionally, the session will serve as a platform to brainstorm ideas and initiatives that can further empower the Drupal community.

To attend this session, prior volunteer or leadership experience in community engagement at the code, event, or initiative level is encouraged. Community leaders are especially encouraged to participate, as their insights and experiences will significantly enrich the discussion.

The panel discussion at DrupalCon Pittsburgh promises an in-depth exploration of the challenges faced by the Drupal community and potential avenues to address them. It presents an excellent opportunity for community leaders and Drupal enthusiasts to collaborate and contribute to the growth and success of the Drupal ecosystem.

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