Bounteous Explains Drupal’s Composability and Headless Capability

14 June, 2023

A recent article published by Bounteous discusses the concept of composable architecture and its relevance to Drupal as a headless CMS. Composable architecture is a modular approach that separates front-end channels from back-end platforms, allowing organizations to quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Chris Greatens wrote the article.

Drupal has embraced composable architecture by offering support for headless functionality and providing modules for REST APIs, JSON, and GraphQL. The platform's modularity and extensive library of community-contributed modules make integrating with various back-end systems easy.

The article highlights Drupal's strengths in complex authoring workflows and content modelling, positioning it as a valuable component within a composable architecture. By combining Drupal with other platforms, organizations can achieve a best-of-breed solution and unlock the full potential of their systems. Click here to read the article.

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