Florida DrupalCamp 2024 Features Renowned Speakers

Panos Sakalakis / Unsplash

The Florida DrupalCamp, set to take place from February 23-25, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, is gearing up to offer an immersive experience for Drupal enthusiasts. The event will encompass three days of in-depth Drupal training, knowledge-sharing sessions, engaging mini-sessions, and collaborative contributions, as it provides a platform for peers from across the globe to come together.

Matthew Ramir
Matthew Ramir | Source: Florida DrupalCamp

Among the notable featured speakers, Matthew Ramir, Lead backend developer at Bounteous in Denver, brings a unique perspective, being a top-performing DevOps engineer despite navigating the daily challenges of Cerebral Palsy. Their dedication to Drupal and advocacy for diversity and inclusion serve as a testament to his passion for the field.


Matt Glaman
Matt Glaman | Source: Florida DrupalCamp

Joining him is Matt Glaman, Principal Software Engineer at Acquia from Kenosha, whose decade-long experience in web development and authorship of insightful Drupal books has made him a prominent figure in the Drupal community. His expertise and dedication to sharing knowledge promise to be valuable assets to the event.


Aubrey Sambor
Aubrey Sambor | Source: Florida DrupalCamp

Aubrey Sambor, Lead Engineer at Lullabot in Northampton will also grace the event with her presence, showcasing her passion for creating accessible websites and her extensive knowledge of design systems and modern CSS techniques. Her varied experiences and dedicated approach in the field of web development make her a valuable addition to the roster of featured speakers.
 With their combined expertise and diverse perspectives, the Florida DrupalCamp is shaping up to be an enriching and insightful event for individuals interested in Drupal development.  To learn more, visit the DrupalCamp Florida website.

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