Bounteous and Accolite Merger: Empowering Global Digital Transformation

Bounteous, a digital innovation partner, and Accolite Digital, a provider of digital engineering, cloud, data, and AI services, have announced their merger, forming a new global leader in digital transformation services. The combined company, with headquarters in Chicago and offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, will boast a team of 5,000 people, serving over 300 Fortune 1,000 and high-growth clients. 

The merger aims to enhance end-to-end digital experience, commerce, and engineering capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of AI & Data, Cloud, Customer Experience & Martech, Digital Commerce, and Product Engineering solutions to clients across various industries. The newly formed entity will be led by Keith Schwartz as CEO and Leela Kaza as Co-CEO, with support from New Mountain Capital, emphasizing business building and growth.

The merger, backed by New Mountain Capital, signifies a significant step towards redefining the digital transformation landscape. By combining Bounteous’ digital innovation mastery with Accolite’s digital engineering expertise, the new entity is positioned to empower clients worldwide to create extraordinary customer experiences that inspire genuine brand appreciation and long-term loyalty. With a focus on customer success and a commitment to innovation, the merger aims to reshape the digital transformation landscape, helping businesses adapt and succeed in the age of the connected customer.

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