Previous Next's Decoupled Layout Builder: A Game-Changer

Layout Builder

Previous Next, a prominent player in the Drupal community, has set the stage for groundbreaking development in web design and editing using decoupled Drupal with React UI. In this blog post, the company explores the concept of a Decoupled Layout Builder, aiming to revolutionize how users retrieve and update layouts in real-time for a more dynamic editing experience.

The proposed approach involves rebuilding the Layout Builder user interface (UI) using React, a popular JavaScript library known for its versatility and performance. By leveraging React's capabilities, Previous Next intends to address the pain points associated with layout retrieval and updates, offering users a smoother and more efficient editing process.

To showcase the power and potential of React, Previous Next created a captivating video submission aptly named "Pitch-burgh," which they presented during the Driesnote address at DrupalCon Pittsburgh. The video received widespread acclaim, earning the highest average rank among the audience. The positive response is a testament to the excitement and anticipation surrounding this innovative concept.

With the positive reception garnered at DrupalCon Pittsburgh, Previous Next eagerly awaits the next steps in developing their decoupled Layout Builder concept. The company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of web design and its collaboration with the Drupal community ensure that this concept will continue to evolve, offering users unprecedented editing capabilities and setting new standards in the industry.

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