Pantheon's DrupalCon Round Table and Its Community Response

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In the wake of a contentious discussion sparked by a LinkedIn post, the Drupal community found itself grappling with questions regarding hosting practices and freedom of speech. The post, made on April 20, 2023, raised concerns about the hosting platform Pantheon, questioning their decision to host the website of an organization designated as a hate group by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).

In response to the mounting concerns, two founders of Pantheon, Josh Koenig and David Strauss, organized a round table discussion at DrupalCon Pittsburgh. The aim was to foster a constructive dialogue and clarify their hosting practices.

During the round table, community members could ask questions and seek explanations directly from the Pantheon founders. The open forum allowed for a candid discussion, shedding light on the complex considerations involved in hosting controversial websites while upholding principles of free speech and open dialogue.

Amidst the growing controversy, Andy Blum, a prominent member of the Drupal community, took an active role in providing valuable insights and opinions on the matter.

Andy Blum's blog post serves as an insightful resource for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the issue and the various perspectives involved. Rebutting the averments raised by Pantheon founders, Andy Blum has written, in detail, six core contentions.

  1. Comparing open source contributions with serving bad clients.
  2. Ending a client relationship is not censorship.
  3. The removal of Russian-owned sites is exactly analogous to this case.
  4. Net neutrality and an "open web" are not the same thing.
  5. On being a hosting platform vs. a speech platform
  6. The best time to establish a policy was 30 years ago; the second best time is now.

Readers can visit his blog post to delve into the specifics of the debate and learn more about the DrupalCon round table.

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