Event Marketing for Brand Visibility and Lead Generation: Specbee's Perspective

15 August, 2023
Specbee's Booth at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 with Free GymBags to Distribute as Drupal Swag

Specbee's Booth at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 with Free GymBags to Distribute as Drupal Swag

Jim Barnthouse's article, "To Booth or Not to Booth: Our Candid DrupalCon'23 Experience," discusses the practicalities of engaging in DrupalCon events, drawing from his insights at DrupalCon Portland 2022 and DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023. He candidly examines the challenge of justifying trade show expenses, citing the elusive ROI and the saturation of follow-up communications overshadowing potential leads.

Jim Barnthhouse is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Specbee. Specbee's inventive approach, sponsoring a snack table with an "adult happy meal box" at DrupalConNA 2022, showcases the company's desire for distinctive engagement.

Reflecting on Specbee's evolution, Barnthouse describes their transition to a booth at DrupalConNA 2023, favouring meaningful connections over conventional SWAG. They distributed gym bags with a designated T-shirt compartment, facilitating interactions and potential leads. Barnthouse acknowledges the promising relationships formed while pragmatically awaiting financial ROI results.

In conclusion, Barnthouse finds DrupalCon 2023 a notably impactful experience, expressing intent to return with a booth. His article offers pragmatic insights into trade show dynamics, grounded in real-world experiences, highlighting Specbee's journey of strategic choices and the pursuit of meaningful engagement. To read more, visit the blog post.

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