Paid Virtual Drupal Web Internship with Drupal4Gov: Apply Now!

22 August, 2023

Drupal4Gov announced a unique opportunity for motivated individuals seeking to jumpstart their careers in web development. Enrolled students or recent graduates of a Drupal training program are invited to apply for the part-time 16-week Web Internship, scheduled to run from August 7th, 2023, to August 18th, 2023.

The Web Intern role entails collaborating closely with the organization's Director of Recruitment and Lead Developer to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of Drupal4Gov's digital presence.

For those seeking paid work experience from the comfort of their own home, this internship offers a remarkable chance to gain hands-on experience and industry exposure. With a focus on skill development and real-world application, the internship promises a dynamic learning environment that aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

Job Summary:

The primary responsibilities of the Web Intern revolve around supporting the Drupal4Gov Web Team in the upkeep and enhancement of the Drupal4Gov website. Tasks encompass a variety of roles, ranging from content creation and editing to styling updates and potentially some custom coding. The intern will work in coordination with the Lead Developer, helping to execute tasks as specified by the Lead Developer's guidance.

For those intrigued by the possibilities of this internship and eager to dive into the world of Drupal web development, more comprehensive details can be found in the Web Intern Job Description provided here:

By participating in this internship, individuals can expect to gain practical insights into the field of web development while working within the supportive framework of Drupal4Gov. This hands-on experience has the potential to act as a stepping stone for aspiring web developers, equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital realm.

Interested candidates are encouraged to seize this remarkable opportunity and apply promptly to secure their place in the Virtual Drupal Web Internship with Drupal4Gov. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this internship offers a chance to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute to impactful web development initiatives. For those ready to take the next step, the application process awaits. Apply now and embark on a journey of growth and exploration in the world of Drupal web development.

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