FiveJars Advocates Automated Testing for Legacy Websites Using Codeception

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FiveJars, a leading player in web development, sheds light on the pivotal role of automated testing in their recent blog post by Dmitry Chubar. Focused on the challenges posed by legacy websites, the article delves into the reasons for choosing automated tests in such scenarios and highlights their preferred tool of choice: Codeception, a versatile PHP testing framework.

Legacy websites often present a labyrinth of challenges, from obscure issues emerging post-updates to integration complexities with third-party services. In the case of FiveJars, one of their projects involved extensive integration with Tessitura, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ticketing software. The constant evolution of Tessitura's API, coupled with the complexity of the ticketing platform, necessitated a shift towards automated testing. This move was not only to streamline testing but also to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Codeception offers a unified interface that simplifies testing processes, making it accessible for newcomers and seasoned developers. It covers a spectrum of testing needs under one roof, including Functional, Acceptance, and Unit testing. Its seamless integration with PHP and Drupal aligns perfectly with the development workflow, providing robust support and continuous improvement through a thriving community.

The article also provides a glimpse into FiveJars's pipeline for implementing automated tests. It covers various testing aspects, including security audits, code style checks, and the execution of acceptance tests using Codeception. This rigorous testing approach is an integral part of their build process, ensuring the stability and functionality of their projects.

Access detailed information about the implementation of automated testing in Codeception here.

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