Smile: European Leader in Open Source with Drupal

Smile, the European leader in open digital solutions and open-source expertise, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to agile, open, and forward-thinking approaches, solidifying its position as one of the major digital players in the continent.

Smile's journey with Drupal, one of the most prominent open-source content management systems, began back in 2008. At that time, Smile's technology monitoring team recognized the platform's potential for robust business use. Since then, the collaboration has grown stronger with each passing year.

A significant turning point occurred in early 2011 with the release of Drupal 7, a version that marked a substantial leap forward in terms of functionality and possibilities. Smile wholeheartedly embraced Drupal 7, unlocking its potential for clients and projects.

Today, Smile boasts a dedicated team of over 150 enthusiasts who are continuously engaged in a multitude of Drupal projects, showcasing their expertise and passion for open-source solutions.

As Smile continues to push the boundaries of open-source excellence, its partnership with Drupal remains an exemplar of the transformative power of open source in the digital realm.

Source of Information: Smile - I.T is open: European leader in open digital (

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