Early Bird Discount on DrupalCon Portland 2022 Tickets

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Early bird pricing of $795 with $100 off is available for DrupalCon Portland 2022, held from 25th April to 28th April 2022. You can avail of this discount on the DrupalCon Portland 2022 website anytime before 7th February 2022. 

The DrupalCon will consist of in-person conference sessions, contribution sessions, keynote speeches, raffle contests, trivia night, workshops, mentored contribution, migration assistance sessions, and more. The main conference tickets would cover all of these, including lunch, snacks, and coffee.

If you wish to get access to any of the exclusive industry summits and training sessions, you must purchase an additional ticket. For industry summits like government, higher education, and healthcare, the ticket cost is $250. To get access to non-profit summits, you need to purchase a non-profit industry summit ticket with a discounted additional rate of $150. To attend training based on component-based development, Drupal migration, Drupal theme, and introduction to module development, you will need to buy a training ticket of $500.

If you miss out on the early bird, offer the cost of the main conference ticket would be $895, which is the regular ticket cost. Tickets booked after 4th April 2022 would cost $995, and the on-site ticket would cost $1095.

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