Henry Schein Partners with Droptica to Launch B2B Dental Marketplace on Drupal

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Droptica has partnered with Henry Schein, a global distributor of medical supplies, to create a specialized B2B marketplace solution using Drupal. This innovative platform connects dental professionals with trusted sellers of pre-owned medical equipment, making it easier for dental offices and laboratories to access essential supplies.

The main challenge for this project was to present a vast number of listings efficiently while ensuring a user-friendly experience. Droptica's solution was to build a marketplace platform using Drupal 9, which offered the flexibility and scalability required for the task. They collaborated closely with the client's graphic designer to create an intuitive website design with easy navigation.

To optimize website performance, the team implemented two servers—one for users browsing products and submitting requests and another for platform administrators. Additionally, they provided Drupal CMS access to editors with separate user accounts, simplifying the process of adding products and reviewing changes.

The result of this collaboration is the successful Dentist to Dentist Place under the Henry Schein brand—a multi-seller platform that connects dental professionals across different markets and languages. While currently based on Drupal 9, the project is still in development, with plans to enhance it further using Drupal Commerce for additional e-commerce functionalities and improved data analysis. This partnership exemplifies how technology and collaboration can streamline access to critical medical equipment within the healthcare industry.

Read more about the case study here.

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