PreviousNext Reveals Their Presentations for DrupalSouth Sydney 2024


PreviousNext has announced their lineup of presenters for DrupalSouth Sydney 2024. The event promises to bring together industry experts to share insights and expertise on various aspects of Drupal development and web technologies. Here are the top sessions to watch out for:

Make upgrading easier for your module users

Speaker: Kim Pepper

  1. Discover invaluable strategies for simplifying module upgrades during Drupal major version releases.
  2. Gain actionable insights to enhance user experience for module maintainers.
How to stay sane while building a large-scale university website. An overview of the project

Speaker: Griffyn Heels and Nathan Greenway (Bond University)

  1. Dive into the journey behind rebuilding, from inception to launch.
  2. Explore the challenges, victories, and collaborative efforts involved in large-scale website development.
Patterns for Local Development Environment Nirvana

Speaker: Nick Schuch

  1. Learn practical patterns to optimize local development environments.
  2. Benefit from a decade of experience in refining development workflows for efficiency.
From Zero to Hero with Docker Contexts: Your Practical Guide

Speaker: Karl Hepworth

  1. Get a comprehensive guide to Docker contexts and their role in local development workflows.
  2. Explore alternative solutions and architectures for seamless development processes.
Nice Things™️ for Front end devs with Storybook, Vite, Twig and Drupal

Speaker:  Lee Rowlands

  1. Discover how Storybook, Vite, Twig, and Drupal can revolutionize front-end development.
  2. Learn practical tips for integrating these tools to streamline design processes.

DrupalSouth Sydney 2024 is scheduled to take place from March 20 to 21, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to expand their Drupal knowledge and network with industry experts. For more information and registration details, visit the event website.

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