Drupal 9 Nearing End of Life: A Call to Upgrade to Drupal 10

21 September, 2023

The impending end of life for Drupal 9 gains emphasis in the blog post by Andrew Kucharski on Promet Source, titled "An ASAP Guide to Drupal 10."

With November 2023 marked the cut-off date, signalling no extended commercial support or off-grid security fixes, this transition is primarily due to the decommissioning of Symfony 4 in November, which affects Drupal versions built on top of this PHP web application framework.

Despite this looming deadline, only a tiny fraction of Drupal sites, approximately 2.2%, have leapt to Drupal 10 as of mid-September. However, Andy underscores the advantages of upgrading to Drupal 10, highlighting the significant security enhancements, performance optimizations, improved user experience, and other benefits built into the latest version.

Drupal 10 boasts several key advantages, including enhanced security features such as advanced password hashing and improved XSS protection, reinforcing the importance of upgrading as Drupal 9 will lose security support after November 2023. Moreover, Drupal 10 offers performance improvements, a more user-friendly CMS interface, built-in mobile responsiveness, and a move toward automatic updates for streamlined maintenance.

The blog post emphasizes the value of community support, extensibility, scalability, better integration capabilities, and a smoother migration path from previous Drupal versions. To ensure a seamless transition, it advises starting with a site audit to inventory and rationalize existing content and proceeding through a structured six-step migration process.

This comprehensive blog is a valuable resource for organizations preparing to upgrade to Drupal 10 promptly. For a detailed read, visit the blog post.

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