Navigating Drupal 9's End of Life: Acquia's Guide for a Smooth Transition

25 September, 2023
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Acquia has introduced a comprehensive guide to assist website owners and administrators in response to the Drupal 9 End of Life (EOL) phase. This dedicated resource page provides valuable insights and practical steps to ensure online platforms' ongoing success and security. With official support and security patches no longer available for Drupal 9, addressing the implications of this development is essential for websites still operating on this version.

The resource hub emphasizes the importance of website owners and administrators taking appropriate actions in response to Drupal 9's EOL. It underscores the significance of maintaining a secure and modern online presence in changing circumstances. The resource page offers essential steps to facilitate a seamless transition, including

  • installing the Upgrade Status Module for site review,
  • monitoring the Drupal 10 project deprecation status,
  • upgrading PHP to version 8.1,
  • transitioning to CKEditor 5, and
  • updating custom code for Drupal 10.

By adhering to these guidelines, website owners can proactively tackle the challenges posed by Drupal 9's EOL, ensuring the protection and longevity of their online applications. For more information, visit Acquia's website.

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