Schema UI Module Simplifies Entity Schema Visualization in Drupal

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The Schema UI module, created and maintained by Fent Jani, is touted as a crucial tool for Drupal beginners, offering a straightforward way to visualize schema information for entity types and bundles. This module provides a user-friendly table that allows users to access essential details about fields, their types, cardinality, and descriptions, making it easier to comprehend Drupal's complex entity system.

Schema UI offers a tab called "Schema" for a structured table view of fields and their columns. This table allows users to list all the actual properties that may be hidden on other interfaces, like Field UI's "Manage fields" tab. A typical example is the "Title" field, which is there but not shown, just like any base field. The module is straightforward without any dependencies or configuration, which makes it a perfect development tool.

said Jani while conversing with TheDropTimes [TDT] about his latest venture, Schema UI.

Released on October 2, 2023, the Schema UI module simplifies the understanding of entity structures and proves especially beneficial during site planning, development, migration, and debugging processes.

The inspiration behind the Schema UI module came from my beginner days when I started off with Drupal 8 and had to deal with many migration tasks. Like matching the old database schema and finding the correct field properties to save the data to. That time I found a trick to inspect the creation of form items and get the property names from those, and it was not a convenience but rather a solution. After five years, I still found myself inspecting the forms, so I decided to write this simple module that could possibly help other developers discover the correct field mappings. The biggest challenge was probably getting to this point on the Drupal learning curve to be able to understand the complex Drupal architecture of the variable entity types. And contribute, of course.

added Jani.

Once Schema UI is installed, there's no need for a separate configuration. Users can navigate to the entity type page, where they will find a new "Schema" tab. Clicking on this tab reveals a well-structured schema information table for the selected entity type and bundle.

Fent Jani is the CEO of Antlify
Fent Jani, the creator 
of Schema UI is 
the CEO of Antlify

Schema UI is built on Drupal Core, eliminating the need for additional modules, libraries, or APIs. For those looking to enhance their development experience, pairing it with the Devel module can provide even deeper insights into entities.

When asked about some everyday use cases where Schema UI proves particularly valuable and how it contributes to a more efficient Drupal development workflow, Fent Jani identifies two critical scenarios where defining a migration mapping in YAML format with explicit field columns and values is highly beneficial.

In the first case, developers can streamline their workflow by accessing all the necessary schema information on a single tab. This includes essential details such as cardinality, database column names, and data types. This approach simplifies the process of properly defining the field array.

In the second case, Fent Jani recently encountered a situation where this YAML format proved invaluable. When working on tasks related to the Entity API, such as filling a simple field or creating a new entity with more complex fields, having easy access to schema information is crucial. By utilizing the Schema tab, developers can quickly retrieve all the pertinent information they need, eliminating the need to open the inspect tab or search for field names within the source code of the create form and related components.

"Any feature requests and contributions are welcome. I have plans to improve the UI, like extra buttons and clickable field names, but I would like to keep the module as simple and useful as possible. The Drupal community's contributions and suggestions are invaluable, and we could actively encourage them to shape the module's future."

responded Fent Jani when enquired about the future enhancements on Schema UI and seeking contributions from the Drupal Community.

Schema UI is a valuable addition to the Drupal ecosystem, simplifying the process of understanding entity schemas for both newcomers and experienced developers. With its user-friendly table format and comprehensive field information, it aids in site planning, development, and debugging, ultimately contributing to a more efficient Drupal experience.

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