Scott Massey Explores Innovation and Marketing at DrupalCon Lille

DrupalCon lille
DrupalCon Lille

Scott Massey, Head of Product and Marketing at Morpht, recently shared insights on the interplay of innovation and marketing within the Drupal ecosystem during his participation at Drupalcon Lille. He was part of a distinguished panel of long-time community members that included AmyJune Hineline, Cristina Chumillas, Nick Veenhof, and Alex Moreno, the Drupal Association's Innovation Program Manager. The discussion at Drupalcon Lille revolved around innovation in Drupal, its current status, and its future direction.

Scott Massey delved into the significance of innovation in the Drupal ecosystem, drawing inspiration from Peter Drucker's words:

"Any business enterprise has two basic functions: marketing and innovation. These produce results; all the rest are costs."

—Peter Drucker, On Marketing

He underscored innovation's pivotal role in creating value for end-users and how collaborative efforts in the community help maintain Drupal's relevance and worth.

While Drupal's innovation efforts remain robust, Scott acknowledged that the marketing aspect of Drupal could benefit from better organization and focus. The recently established Drupal Marketing Committee, with members such as Lynne Capozzi, Suzanne Dergacheva, and Nikhil Deshpande, is actively working on showcasing Drupal's unique capabilities and daily applications. Scott emphasized the necessity of being resourceful, given that Drupal competes across multiple markets and price points. To enhance Drupal's market positioning, a creative, measurable, and collaborative effort will be instrumental, an aspect Scott plans to explore further in upcoming posts.

Learn more about Scott Massey's visit to DrupalCon Lille with "Marketing and Drupal."

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