Lost Legacies of Expertise in NDA Veils: Bohdan Artemchuk

"Our passion for giving back to the community and supporting Drupal dates back long before we encountered portfolio challenges."
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Bohdan Artemchuk, the Co-founder and CXO of DevBranch, stands at the helm of a 15+ year journey within the web development industry. His extensive experience spans from the initial stages of design and backend development to steering teams as a Drupal architect and progressing to CEO and CTO roles within a company of 100+ people.

Today, he leads a team of over 50 individuals, concentrating on Drupal product architecture, fostering adept developers, and surpassing stakeholder expectations. He is not only a tech enthusiast but also a globe-trotting participant in 50+ international conferences. For someone far more experienced in the tech world, Artemchuk's latest insights on LinkedIn offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced when showcasing expertise in a landscape constrained by NDA-bound projects.

Bohdan Artemchuck's LinkedIn post
Bohdan Artemchuk's LinkedIn post

In the post, Bohdan Artemchuk elucidated the challenges inherent in exhibiting his work in the digital realm. Despite contributing to over a hundred projects, merely a handful find their way into the public portfolio due to the binding nature of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

"Our most challenging hurdle is the restrictions in forming new partnerships,"

Artemchuk disclosed in an email conversation with Alka Elizabeth, Sub-editor at The DropTimes [TDT]. The inability to furnish website links creates barriers, hindering the establishment of new collaborations.

"It's a straightforward and quite common request for various companies, tenders, or document profiling, and we're unable to fulfill those requirements. What's somehow ironic is that a large portion of the market insists on signing NDAs."

Bohdan Artemchuck
Bohdan Artemchuk

Artemchuk highlighted the paradox of this scenario on a personal note, emphasizing the team's pride in their complex and high-quality work. The passion and expertise of the DevBranch team, predominantly comprising Middle and Senior level professionals, contribute to the successful execution of demanding projects.

Addressing this challenge, Artemchuk and his team adopted strategic measures to establish their credibility. They turned to platforms like Drupal.org, recognizing the significance of contributing to the community.

"Our vision extended beyond business operations. We wanted to be the driving force behind the entire Ukrainian Drupal community, to make our city, Lutsk, the primary Drupal hub in Ukraine."

Artemchuk affirmed.

The emphasis on community engagement and code contributions reflected their capacity to handle substantial projects, strengthening their standing within the Drupal community.

"We often joke that the best Drupal CV one can have is their drupal.org profile. Thus, we are encouraging every team member to get involved."

Moreover, creating a robust profile on Clutch, despite the inability to display project links, proved instrumental in gathering honest feedback. Artemchuk emphasized the importance of valuing partners' trust and soliciting genuine testimonials rather than aiming for flawless ratings. This approach not only highlighted their commitment to transparency but also contributed to enhancing their online presence and reputation.

"We never ask for 5-star ratings or positive comments; our focus has always been on honesty. This is why there are ratings on our profile that are not a perfect 5."

When delving into the delicate balance between client confidentiality through NDAs and the desire to showcase expertise, Artemchuk stressed the significance of maintaining trust and honoring NDAs. Despite the inability to share direct links or code, Artemchuck's team found a way to collect people's testimonials. Platforms like Clutch, where partners can leave anonymous feedback, became a bridge between stringent NDAs and the necessity to demonstrate capabilities.

"One of the reasons we highly recommend and appreciate Clutch is its ability to leave anonymous feedback. When a stringent NDA binds a project, but the partner wishes to share their thoughts, Clutch provides an ideal solution."

reiterated Artemchuk.

Artemchuk's strategy involves:

  • Requesting clients' willingness to share feedback on various channels.
  • Propelling their commitment to transparency.
  • Building confidence in their expertise.

The journey of showcasing expertise in an environment confined by NDAs is an ongoing narrative, a brutal reality of the digital world. As Bohdan Artemchuk and his team persist in navigating these challenges, their commitment to finding alternative avenues for growth and pursuing innovative solutions remains unwavering. 

Artemchuk openly invites others facing similar hurdles to share their experiences and inventive resolutions, fostering a collaborative environment within the industry.

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