DevBranch Launches Drupal BootCamp for Aspiring Web Developers

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Bohdan Artemchuk, the Co-Founder and CxO of DevBranch, recently announced the launch of the Drupal BootCamp at their office, aiming to train aspiring individuals as trainee Drupal web developers in a three-month intensive program. The free training initiative focuses on preparing participants for real-world challenges through hands-on experiences and expert mentorship.

The BootCamp is open to candidates with a background in at least one server-side programming language, subject to a successful interview or completion of a test task. Throughout the program, students delve into practical projects under guidance, covering essential aspects of web development including back-end and front-end development, theming, site-building, git-flow, workflow, and more.

Structured into three main segments, the curriculum includes Docker, Git, Drupal UI, and core functionalities in the initial phase, followed by theming techniques and culminating in Drupal custom code implementation. Participants are encouraged to create their first Drupal website by the program's conclusion, emphasizing hands-on practice as a cornerstone of learning.

Artemchuk emphasizes the significance of practical application and mentoring, underlining the importance of building skills through real project experiences. Students gain not only technical proficiency but also hone soft skills such as estimation, time management, daily meetings, and effective communication, which are crucial for success in the field. The program seeks individuals with basic programming knowledge, prioritizing practical exposure over theoretical understanding. Successful graduates are presented with employment opportunities, recognizing exemplary performance throughout the BootCamp.

Artemchuk invites feedback and suggestions on additional elements that could enhance the training program. He highlights the necessity of practical skills honed through mentorship for aspiring web development specialists. Read the full post here.

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