Drupal Core Update: Enhanced Media Revisions Management and Permissions

09 November, 2023
Latest Update

Drupal Core has introduced a noteworthy enhancement by Yash Rode, offering a user interface (UI) feature for managing Media revisions. This improvement allows users to view, revert, and delete Media revisions in a manner akin to Block Content revisions. Users with the 'administer media' permission can access these features without necessitating additional permissions. Additionally, granular permissions have been introduced, granting specific access to the history page and the revert and delete forms for media entities.

This innovation directly impacts site builders, administrators, editors, and module developers, offering a more comprehensive approach to handling Media revisions. The added granular permissions ensure that users with access to the 'access media overview' permission and relevant 'view any $bundle media history,' 'revert any $bundle media revisions,' or 'delete any $bundle media revisions' permissions can perform actions accordingly.

The implementation introduces greater control and versatility for managing Media revisions, ultimately streamlining the revision processes within Drupal Core. While specific updates for online documentation, theming guides, module developer documentation, example projects, and coder reviews are pending, this notable improvement demonstrates Drupal's commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality within its core features.

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