QED42 Sponsors Drupal Pune Meetup, Fostering Community Collaboration

QED42 Sponsors Drupal Pune Meetup, Fostering Community Collaboration

The Drupal Pune meetup, scheduled for May 25, 2024, will receive sponsorship from QED42, demonstrating the company's commitment to supporting community-driven events. This sponsorship will facilitate discussions and knowledge sharing among Drupal enthusiasts in Pune.

The meetup aims to offer a platform for members of the Drupal community to connect and collaborate. Attendees can anticipate engaging in discussions and networking opportunities, fostering the exchange of insights and experiences related to Drupal development.

Those interested in participating in the meetup are suggested to RSVP promptly to secure their spot. The event promises to offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to engage with the Drupal community and expand their knowledge of the platform.

Interested individuals can visit the official event page for more information and RSVP details.

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