Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024 to Unite Drupal Community Worldwide

11 November, 2023
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The Drupal community is preparing to convene for the much-anticipated Drupal Global Contribution Weekend scheduled for January 27-28, 2024. This event serves as a collaborative platform for local contribution events across the globe, uniting enthusiasts and professionals interested in bolstering the Drupal ecosystem. Hosted worldwide, the event offers various participation opportunities and encourages users to post event details on the community events group. These local gatherings, ranging across continents, countries, and localities, aim to facilitate and encourage community involvement in the Drupal initiative.

Participants keen on joining an event during these days can easily locate the nearest event by referencing the alphabetically listed locations by continent, country, and city. Additionally,  the post by Meike Jung says those eager to contribute but unable to find a nearby event have the option to host one themselves. The instructions for becoming a host and listing the event on relevant platforms are comprehensively provided, allowing for easy exposure to potential participants. To aid the initiative’s promotion, organizers are encouraged to leverage dedicated hashtags like #ContributionWeekend on Twitter and utilize the tag "ContributionWeekend2023" on d.o issues to increase event visibility.

The event promotes a sense of inclusivity and collaboration, welcoming virtual meetups and in-person contributions worldwide. With a dedicated Slack channel, #global-contribution-weekend, and guidance available for planning and organizing, the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend fosters a collective spirit among Drupal enthusiasts eager to contribute to the growth of this open-source platform. To register, refer to the link.

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