Revitalizing Drupal 7: Site Audit Module Backported with a Web Interface

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Initially tailored for Drupal 8+, the Site Audit module has undergone a significant transformation with its recent backporting to Drupal 7. This move, championed by Irina Zaks of Fibonacci Web Studio, is a strategic step for the Drupal 7 Soft Landing initiative. It aims to support Drupal 7 site owners migrating to Drupal 10 and subsequent versions with minimal expenses.

The article published in ThinkDrop states that the module previously operated exclusively through Drush lacked a web interface in Drupal 7. During a dedicated sprint organized by Irina at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 Contribution Day, a collaborative team, including Justin Keiser, Ryan Hartman, and Christopher Yu, worked on a new release of Site Audit for Drupal 7, now featuring a web interface.

Despite the challenge of adapting code originally designed for Drush, the team's collective efforts proved successful. This backporting initiative underscores a commitment to aiding Drupal 7 site owners in their upgrade journey, providing essential tools to facilitate a smoother transition. Special recognition is extended to the contrib team, with Irina Zaks standing out for her dedicated efforts.

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