Vardot and ThinkDrop Collaborate to Release Site Audit 4

"Ultimate Tool for Drupal Site Optimization"
30 March, 2023

Vardot, a leading provider of Drupal solutions, recently shared a blog post highlighting the benefits of using the Site Audit module to optimize any Drupal website. The 'Site Audit' module is a powerful tool that helps website administrators evaluate and optimize their site's performance, security, and functionality. The latest upgrade to the module, Site Audit 4, offers even more features to help users get the most out of their site.

In the blog post, written by Raghad Eid dated March 21, 2023, Vardot delves deeper into the Site Audit module, exploring its new features and how they can help maximize a site's security and performance. One of the exciting new features is the ability to collect reports from multiple sites in one place, making it easier for organizations to manage and optimize their entire Drupal portfolio.

Vardot was the sponsor behind the development of Drupal Site Audit 4, which was created in collaboration with ThinkDrop, a full-service Drupal consulting agency. This type of collaboration is critical to the open-source community, as it enables the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise to create better, more innovative technologies for everyone to use.

By using the Drupal Site Audit module, site administrators can identify areas for improvement and receive recommended actions to enhance their site's performance, security, and SEO. This tool is an essential component for any organization looking to optimize its Drupal website and ensure it is running at peak efficiency.

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