Drupal 10-Ready: Commerce CyberSource Module Overcomes Hurdles

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The Commerce CyberSource module for Drupal has successfully tackled third-party library conflicts, unveiling its Drupal 10 version with improved payment processing capabilities. This updated release integrates CyberSource's Secure Acceptance Hosted Checkout and Flex Microform v2 APIs, offering users a seamless experience for online transactions. Before updating, users are advised to review release notes as specific account configurations in the CyberSource account and potential manual changes to the Drupal codebase may be necessary.

The module acts as a vital link to CyberSource's payment APIs, providing both off-site redirect solutions and on-site iframe-based solutions. Notably, the module relies on a fork of CyberSource's PHP REST API client library, maintained by Centarro, due to conflicting dependencies with Drupal's own libraries. Users are encouraged to refer to README.md for configuration details and utilize testing resources for a smooth integration experience. Additionally, the transition to Drupal 10 compatibility is emphasized, with version 8.x-1.0-beta7 marking the last release supporting Drupal 9.

This release underscores the commitment of the Drupal community and module maintainers, including Ryan Szrama, Jonathan SackSick, Miljenko Vujaklija, Centarro, and the University of Minnesota, to deliver an updated and reliable solution for e-commerce platforms on Drupal. Explore the latest features and improvements for a secure and efficient payment integration experience.

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