Beyond Blocks Podcast Launches Inaugural Episode Featuring Matt Glaman

Oliver Davies, the host of the recently launched "Beyond Blocks" podcast, has unveiled the inaugural episode featuring a conversation with Matt Glaman, a distinguished figure in the Drupal community and the Principal Software Engineer at Acquia. The focus of this episode delves into Glaman's expertise as the author of Retrofit, a tool designed to simplify the transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. Retrofit achieves this by introducing compatibility layers that allow the execution of legacy code within the Drupal 10 environment, offering users a pragmatic strategy to migrate towards contemporary methodologies and standards.

Having long been acquainted with Glaman's notable contributions, particularly in the realm of Drupal Commerce, Davies expresses his enthusiasm for featuring him as the podcast's inaugural guest. The "Beyond Blocks" podcast aims to become a valuable resource for the Drupal community, with future episodes scheduled for weekly releases. Davies encourages listeners to subscribe and engage by providing feedback, suggesting potential guests and topics, or expressing interest in being featured on the podcast. This initiative sets the stage for insightful discussions on Drupal-related advancements and serves as a platform for collaboration within the community.

Here is the first episode of the Beyond Blocks podcast.

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