Drupal's Green Evolution: Mike Gifford's Sustainability Lessons from Lille

DrupalCon Lille 2023

Mike Gifford recently penned a compelling blog post on Medium titled "Lessons from Lille: Sustainability and Drupal." In his post, Gifford delves into the growing awareness within the Drupal community about the pivotal role it plays in environmental responsibility, considering Drupal's significant contribution of 2% to the web.

The article emphasizes the need for the community to address the environmental impact of Drupal's code, which utilizes electricity both in large data centres and individual homes and offices. Gifford urges the community to actively engage in exploring and sharing insights on this critical issue.

Acknowledging the importance of sustainability, Gifford highlights Drupal's Sustainability Statement and the commitment to a more sustainable DrupalCon event. DrupalCon Lille, in particular, took notable steps in reducing its environmental footprint by offering vegan food and minimizing waste.

A noteworthy session at DrupalCon Lille, led by Nestle and Platform.sh, showcased the pioneering efforts of Leah Goldfarb, Platform.sh's Environment Impact Officer. The session delved into the groundbreaking work of obtaining a third-party sustainability audit and accurately accounting for the impact of their cloud infrastructure.

In a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session titled "Sustainability and Drupal — How can our community reduce our CO2 Footprint," Gifford facilitated a discussion, bringing together various sectors of the Drupal community. The BoF session witnessed active participation from the Drupal Association, senior members of the community, and French firms already making strides in sustainability.

Gifford's blog post provides a detailed account of these sustainability initiatives, encouraging the Drupal community to explore avenues for reducing its collective carbon footprint. For a comprehensive understanding of the lessons learned in Lille and the steps toward a more sustainable Drupal, read the full blog post here: Lessons from Lille: Sustainability and DrupalCon | by Mike Gifford | CivicActions | Nov, 2023 | Medium

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